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5 Question's China Must Answer To The World

5 Question's China Must Answer To The World
5 Question's China Must Answer To The World
So China's kind of back to work as the lockdown has been lifted. The epicenter Wuhan is apparently reporting no new cases and the apparently Chinese methods. Is this the main strategy that has demonstrated effective? This should be good news but good news from China or for that matter any news from China meets with a problem, the problem of credibility can China's corona virus recovery be trusted,  it feels a bit odd to be even asking  this question. The world still doesn't have an answer to the many questions that we've asked of China repeatedly for more than three months. Now questions about the source of the virus,  the cure, there research, the reopening of the wet markets & etc but, No answers at all so we keep asking the questions and we take the good news from China with a sack of salt today.

TimesPro News wants to raise five questions.
Five very basic simple questions for China to answer, we’ll try to keep them as direct as possible question number:

1.   Where did the Wuhan virus come from or the corona virus come from?
China said it wasn't Wuhan but for a while the Chinese blamed the Americans but now they have made a u-turn so where did the virus come from it's very important to know. Was it the wet markets which the Chinese government strangely hasn't shutdown yet.  If yes, then we must be preparing for another pandemic that comes with COVID21 or 22 God forbid. Did it originate because of sloppy practices in Chinese labs which is even worse in any law-abiding country those who recklessly pursue hazardous activities are held accountable even punished for such disasters in China all of this is buried under the carpet so that's the first question they must answer, the origin of the virus.

2.   How has China relieved the positive cases at home?
Again no one knows why do we ask because China had reported more than 82,000 cases let's assume that is the right figure. Now China says 90% of these cases have been cured and the question is how, what are they using, is it traditional Chinese medicine which President Xi also seems to be promoting or is it that nano material that Global Times reported about, if yes why not share it with the world perhaps learn from India. Hydroxychloroquine is not even a proven cure it's a potential cure and India has exported 14 million tablets of it. It is gifting Paracetamol to neighbours and many life-saving drugs to nations in peril. What has China done donated diplomacy and that too backfired China exported faulty masks and test kits. If China had cured tens of thousands of people, it should tell the world how and spare us the test kits.

3.   Where does research stand in China?
We asked this because China is very quick in slamming anything that anyone else proposes. Hydroxychloroquine is ineffective said China but it has offered no alternatives, it should because it had a clear head start. It had the first samples which had been destroyed or hidden. Reported the first case in December 2019 it's been almost four months now China boasts of the world's biggest research labs, what are they doing with it? We won't know because China is clamping down on the publication of coronavirus research. Any academic papers on the virus will not be published until they receive a green light from the special task force of the State Council believe it or not a special task force for research purpose. The Chinese censors must clear everything.

4.   Why doesn't China give access to international experts if it has nothing to hide?
China says it's a collective challenge thats fine even global experts want to share their knowledge make a collective effort. Why is China not accepting those offers? A WHO delegation was sent to Wuhan but then we do not know what it found. In any instance the WHO has lost much credibility. Since the U.S. Center for Disease Control has offered to send experts to Beijing, but China refused. So, the question is why? What is China hiding?

5.  Can China assure the world that this will not happen again and will China shut its wet markets?
After acknowledging how a pandemic started, now that is going to be the key to stop the next one. While China's wet markets have been the birthplace of many disease there have been warning, scientific warnings but these markets have gone back to selling exotic meat from dearer to minks to Fox's, bats and Angolans. They're all back on the plate. What assurance can China give to the world instead of answering the questions? Though China holds a light show to celebrate and divert attention well, people will not be blindfolded by these lights and the questions will continue. It is important to hold China accountable for this pandemic and make them pay for this.

TimesPro News

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