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5 Question's WHO Must Answer To the World

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The WHO (World Health Organisation) is the keeper of the global knowledge and public health. It is present in a hundred and forty-seven countries and has existed for seven long decades with the sole purpose of encoding here foreseeing and eradicating global health calamities. The WHO successes to be fair have been monumental but so have been its failures.The corona virus is among the biggest failures, it may very well be their last. First the WHO downplayed the threat, then it tried to cover up and eventually it delayed the global response. Now instead of admitting mistakes, it is preaching the world on how not to politicize a pandemic. Had the WHO shown some proactiveness and transparency things would not have taken this turn. So here's the deal, we find the WHO responsible for leaving this world ruinously unprepared in the face of the corona virus peril.

And we have some questions today, five important and very basic questions that the health body must answer.

    1.Why did the WHO downplay human to human transmission?
The corona virus is not known for the transmission of virus from humans to humans and and that is where the whole problem lies. January 14 the WHO said that preliminary investigations conducted by the Chinese authorities have found no clear evidence of human to human transmission of the novel corona virus. They bought China's word for it and they did so in fact just 12 days back to when 41 patients had been admitted to a hospital in Wuhan. 14 of them had no direct exposure to the Hunan Seafood market that is 44% of the total cases. If that wasn't human to human transmission then how did that happen? Chinese scientists at the epicenter of the outbreak themselves confirmed that this is human to human transmission on their website. It showed about how only 27 of these patients had a travel history to the web markets and that's not a day before the WHO rejected human to human transmission on the 13th of January. At that time, Thailand reported its first imported cases of the corona virus this has been documented on the WHO website. Taiwan repeatedly warned them of such transmissions while the WHO remained in denial. So this is the first question they must answer why they did downplay the whole thing or maybe lied about human to human transmission.

    2.Why did the WHO refuse to brand this outbreak a pandemic?

By 15th of January the corona virus was breaching borders. There was a trickle of cases in some countries the WHO did not declare a global health emergency which is fine, but another month and a half went by the trickle of cases turned into a flood by the end of February. There were cases on almost every continent but the WHO did not call it a pandemic/epidemic. It said the term coat and coat won't be appropriate as it was only on the 11th of March. The WHO director-general declared it appropriate almost after 57 days of the first case. We want to stress on this, the WHO declared corona virus a pandemic almost 57 days after the first cases were reported outside China. Do you know how many people had died in these 57 days? 4,000 people had died and that is more than five times the overall death toll of the SARS virus. Do you know how many people had been infected 1,18,118 people which again classifies as a pandemic. What is a pandemic? Let’s go by the definition on the WHO website 24th February 2010 the WHO said a pandemic is the world widespread of a new disease. The corona virus had spread to 80 countries in six continents by the end of February. Yet it did not fit the WHO's own definition of a pandemic and in case you're wondering why declaration of a pandemic is so important? We'll tell you why? It makes governments and health systems prepare for community transmission.

    3.What did the WHO delegations dealt with China?

28 January, A senior WHO delegation led by the Director-General Dr. Ted Rose had traveled to Beijing. They met with the Chinese leadership. 131 people had died by then. There were 4600 cases across the world by then and the entire Wuhan Province was edging towards lockdown. Do you know how optimistic this delegation was? Soumya Swaminathan the WHO chief scientist said and I'm quoting "it does look like at least it's not growing instead it's reducing". She meant the corona virus cases outside China has not grown exponentially.  notAnd that's all. No data was shared with the US Center for Disease Control. The WHO delegation stayed in Beijing for days and they did not share any crucial data.

    4.Why did the WHO change the name of the Wuhan Virus?

We've come up with dates, on 11th February the WHO have recorded many corona virus cases. But the WHO still hadn't declared it a pandemic and what it was busy doing was this, making sure that the name of this virus does not include China. It renamed it to "COVID19"  that's an acronym for corona virus disease COVID19. The WHO was much more stressed about which year instead of the place of origin. The WHO chief said that "this gives them a standard format for any future corona virus outbreaks” while COVID19 refers to the disease. The virus that causes the disease has been named SARS Cove2. Now do you recall that the WHO is using these terms, well I don't and we’ll tell you why? Because according to the WHO, where again using the name SARS can have unintended consequences in creating fear especially in Asia which was the worst affected by the SARS outbreak in 2003. So the WHO thought not to name China, not to name Wuhan and don't even mention SARS. It basically did not say anything that links this virus with China.

    5.Will the WHO ever acknowledge Taiwan's performance?
In this collective battle, because that's what they call it collective battle and after all it was the first country, first region to warn them about this threat of corona virus. As early as in December last year, Taiwan had released the contents of a December mail, a mail which raised seven instances of a virus in Wuhan. The WHO took no note of that and the rest is history. And That's not all, Taiwan has been excluded from the World Health Organization. This country does not even gets an invite to attend WHO meetings, they do not get important briefings from global experts. Despite of all these, Taiwan now has the success story. Will the WHO acknowledge Taiwan's efforts or will it continue to be bullied by china. In its attempts of not to blame China, the WHO has failed to live up to its core mission of protecting human lives. It is high time now to demand accountability and ask questions to the WHO.

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