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Coronavirus: WardBot will assist with battling against Corona, This will forestall direct contacts with the Covid-19 patients

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Because of corona, terrible news has been heard continuously throughout the previous few months. In the interim, some beneficial things are additionally occurring. As of late, scientists at IIT Ropar have built up an idea called (WardBot) which can help the corona infection battle tremendously. 

Bewilderment in view of Covid is unavoidable in numerous countries of the world. The amount of people introduced to this dangerous disease is consistently growing. Countless people have fallen prey to the Covid. Countless people have passed on in light of this disease. Close by this, horrible news is being heard reliably all through the past couple of months. At that point, some advantageous things are moreover happening. Starting late, experts at IIT Ropar have developed a thought called (WardBot) which can help the Covid fight greatly.
Specialist's or any of the staffs won't have go to inside the casualty's ward 

This will dispose of the need to visit the casualty's ward. With this assistance, the Staffs won't be in contact with the Corona tolerant. Because of WardBot, the specialist, staff, ward kid won't have to go to the crown quiet. 

A few architects have planned together 

This model has been set up by certain designers of the group of Dr. Ek Singla, Head and Associate Professor of IIT Department of Mechanical Engineering. It is being informed that with the assistance of this robot, the vital medications and food things will arrive at the patient. Simultaneously, this robot will be controlled from the control room. 

The group has been dealing with this WardBot throughout the previous 4 months 

For your data, let us realize that the group has been dealing with this wardBot throughout the previous 4 months. Simultaneously, this robot can likewise work in low light. Because of the time limit, its assembling merchandise are not accessible yet. Because of which this robot has not been completely arranged at this point. Work on it will be continued soon. 

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