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Friday, April 17, 2020

Know who is IAS Tejashwi Rana? In the discussion on cutting the challan of MLA's car, a salute is made

Tejaswi Rana, who worked as a subdivisional officer in Chittorgarh, Rajasthan, has come up on discussion regarding her sudden transfer. She is believed to have been transferred because she cut off the challan of the car of a Congress MLA worker who violated the lockdown. The MLA himself turned into sitting in that car.

On the same day, Rana reached the vegetable marketplace and reprimanded the merchants for not maintaining social distance and when the traders confirmed the pass, Rana tore it near them. The Rajasthan authorities on Tuesday transferred Tejashwi Rana, who got posted in Chittorgarh as subdivisional officer, to the post of Joint Chief Executive Officer, Health Insurance Agency. Union Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat has termed this movement of the government as unfortunate, whilst Rajasthan BJP President Satish Poonia says that the authorities is targeting officers doing accurate work. Let's know who is IAS Tejaswi Rana? After Knowing her, you will definitely salute to her.

Tejaswi Rana in the world of education in Kurukshetra proved 12th rank at the national level in UPSC exam and proved that daughters aren't much less than anyone. She also did such a great feat with preparation only at home. Tejaswi Rana had prepared for UPSC in just one year by staying at home. No one knew Tejashwi before June 1, 2017, but after that, Tejashwi was the most talked face of Kurukshetra in 2017. Tejaswi made preparations online in the digital age. Tejaswi, daughter of Prof. Kuldeep Rana and Dr. Sunita Rana of the Department of Economics, Kuvi, has truly adopted the slogan of Beti Bachao Beti Bachao of the Central Government on the basis of her hard work.

Tejaswi Rana of Kurukshetra showed mirror to the big coaching centers by preparing at home. Tejashwi said that he prepared at home under the guidance of parents. Apart from this, Tejaswi made preparations with online guidance. Tejashwi wanted to go into the administrative service from the beginning, she did not take this decision at the behest of the parents or on any advice, but it was her own decision.

After completing schooling from DAV Senior Secondary School in Kurukshetra, Tejashwi went to IIT Kanpur to do BSC Economics. Tejaswi, who did her B.Tech from IIT Kanpur, told the reason for going for UPSC exam was also interesting. Tejaswi told that IAS officers used to come to the program many times in the college, then their talk and decision-making ability made me decide that she would definitely prepare for UPSC. In the year 2015, Tejashwi gave the exam for the first time, but could not prepare so much at that time. A few days before the bachelor's degree examinations were over and the exam was given in December, the mains of the paper could not pass, but Tejashwi did not give up, prepared again at home and this time the result was revealed.

After finishing 12th in the administrative service, Tejashwi is ready to contribute to the development of the country. Tejaswi's mission is not only to achieve this position by becoming an IAS, but she also has the passion to work for her country. Tejashwi wants to create a model so that other youth like her can come forward to contribute to the all-round development of India.

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