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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Lockdown till May 3, tomorrow the government will issue new guidelines

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has extended the lockdown period till May 3 in his address to the nation. He said that if we have patience, follow the rules, we can be capable of to defeat the epidemic like Corona. He said that the areas which would not be in hotspots, and whose chances of turning into hotspots would be less, some necessary activities could be allowed from April 20. At the end of his address, the Prime Minister asked seven words from the countrymen and said that wherever they are, stay there and be safe.

Take special care of the elders in your home

First thing - take special care of the elders of your home - especially those who have chronic illness, we have to take extra care for them, they have to be very safe from corona. Secondly - Follow the Laxman Rekha of lockdown and social distance completely, use home made face cover or mask essentially. Third thing- To increase your immunity, follow the instructions given by the Ministry of AYUSH, hot water, decoction, and consume them continuously. Fourth thing - to help prevent the spread of corona infection, definitely download the Arogya Setu Mobile App. Fifth thing - Look after as many poor families as possible, fulfill their food needs. Sixth thing- You should work with people in your business, your industry, be compassionate towards people, do not expel anyone from your job. Seventh point - pay full respect to the Corona warriors of the country, our doctors - nurses, cleaning personnel and policemen. Follow the policies of lockdown with complete devotion until May 3, live where you are, stay safe. Rashtriya Jagriyam itself, we will keep the nation alive and awake.

Central and State governments are operating together

Therefore, neither do any negligence nor let absolutely everyone else be negligent. A particular guideline may be issued via the authorities in this regard tomorrow. Those who earn day by day, meet their wishes with day by day income, they are my family. One of my  priorities is to reduce the issue of their lives. Now his interests had been sorted even at the same time as developing new guidelines. At this time the work of harvesting of rabi crop is also going on. The Central Government and the State Governments, together, are making efforts to minimize the problems to the farmers.

By 20 April every town, each police station, every district, every state could be tested

The fight towards Corona may be further increased inside the next one week. By 20 April each town, every police station, each district, every state will be tested, how a good deal lockdown is being followed, how that area has kept itself away from Corona, it is going to be seen. Areas which will be successful in this ordeal, which will not be in hotspots, and which are less likely to be converted into hotspots, may be allowed some necessary activities from April 20.

Vigilance will be taken regarding hotspots

My request to all my countrymen is that now Corona does not allow us to spread to new areas at any cost. If a single patient grows at the local level then this should be a matter of concern for us. So we have to be very careful about hotspots. We have to keep a close watch on the places that are expected to be converted into hotspots. The creation of new hotspots will further challenge our labor and austerity.

Corona alerted health experts around the world

If we just look at it from an economic point of view, it seems expensive now but in front of the life of Indians, there can be no comparison. Among the limited resources, the path that India has followed, that route is being discussed all over the world today. Amidst all these efforts, the way the corona is spreading has made health experts and governments worldwide more alert. I have talked with the states continuously about how the fight against Corona in India now progresses.

India made efforts to stop the virus here

The manner in which the people of the country are following the rules in this time of lockdown, and staying in their homes with restraint and celebrating the festival, is very praiseworthy. Today, you know the state of Corona global Pandemic in the whole world. Compared to other countries, how India has tried to prevent infection, you have been its partner and also witness.

So far 11 states had extended the lockdown till April 30

Even before Prime Minister Modi's announcement, the lockdown had increased till April 30 in 11 states of the country. These states are Delhi, Maharashtra, Telangana, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Punjab, Odisha, Arunachal Pradesh, Puducherry, Mizoram. The lockdown extended until May 11 in Italy, 3 in France. The UK is ending on 20 April, but it may extend until May. Spain, Germany and Russia are also considering an increase.

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