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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Mamata Banerjee, bidding public in pandemic, Congress leader raised questions on lockdown

Mamata Banerjee
The Bengal BJP in-charge and central leader Kailash Vijayvargiya again attacked the Mamata government on Tuesday for not properly following the lockdown in some areas of Bengal. The BJP leader said that the Mamata government is pushing the people of the state into an pandemic. He should not commit the crime of throwing the public into an pandemic. Their only duty at this time is to save the public from this pandemic.
He said that he does not know why Mamta ji is not understanding that there is no politics everywhere. Some work has to be done for the society and the country. This lockdown does not belong to any party. This is to save the society, the country and the people here from the pandemic. The only way to avoid corona is to implement the lockdown properly and ensure that people remain in the house.

Despite the hardships and troubles faced by the people, the lockdown is being strictly followed in most of the states. However, this is not happening in Bengal. Lockdown must be strictly enforced if the corona pandemic is to be avoided. Let it be said that two days ago, Kailash had targeted Mamata government for not following the lockdown properly.

Center implemented lockdown without preparation:

Congress leader Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury on Tuesday alleged that the Center wasted time in the early days of the pandemic and implemented lockdown in haste, after Prime Minister Narendra Modi had better describe his government's steps to tackle the Corona virus crisis. Has gone.
He urged Modi to give credit to the states which have been more active in dealing with the situation rather than patting themselves on their back.
He emphasized that the strength of cooperative federalism has emerged amid the Corona virus crisis in which the Chief Ministers and Prime Ministers of different parties work together.

He said that BJP should take all criticisms positively. Chaudhary said, “The first case of Covid-19 came in China in early December. It started circulating in January. Many countries imposed restrictions to deal with it, but our government did not pay much attention in this direction.
The Center wasted its precious time in January and February. Had the precautionary steps been taken already, the situation would not have deteriorated so much. ”He, however, admitted that India is in a better position than many other developed countries.

The central government announced an unprepared shutdown causing inconvenience to thousands of migrant laborers and people shopping in panic. A five-time Lok Sabha member from Baharampur in West Bengal said the situation would have been much better today had the Center stopped international flights and implemented lockdowns a few weeks before March 25.
He said that the employment of millions of people in the country has been lost. They lack cash and other resources. The government should prepare a roadmap to deal with it.

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