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North Korea's Kim Jong Un feared Of DNA theft, refuses To Take Trump's pen, The army goes with Him When He goes To The toilet

North Korea's Kim Jong Un feared of DNA theft, refuses to take Trump's pen, the army goes with him when he goes to the toilet
Now the health of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is in critical condition. He was pronounced coma at the scene after undergoing heart surgery. So far North Korea has not given any kind of clarification on this, which is not strange. His family has ruled North Korea for the past 40 years.

Despite U.S. threats, Kim Jong Un continued to develop missiles and nuclear weapons. He has also tested several missiles. In 2014, there were some agreements between Trump and Kim Jong Un to establish peace. He did not use the pen at the time of signing the memorandum of understanding so that his DNA samples could be stolen.

His mentor and sister, Kim Yo-Jong, gave him a pen. He even put paper on paper and signed it. He then filled the paper in his court. Fearing that his DNA sample would be stolen, he did not use the pen.

The issue was widely reported in the international media at the time. The memorandum of understanding was signed to end nuclear weapons.

All of his belongings are kept under tight security so that Kim's DNA samples can be obtained from other countries. The bottom or the end of the cigarette he drank was not thrown away. He was only taken with his security guards and cigarettes along with the security guards. Her sister has also been seen carrying her cigarette butts often.

According to reports, the soldiers accompanied Kim Jong Un to the toilet. After he uses the toilet, his toilet is thoroughly cleaned so that his DNA sample cannot be stolen.

DNA samples also can be discovered in people's fingernails. DNA samples also can be discovered in clothing, hats and shoes. Kim Jong Un's overall situation is now in doubt. His sister, Kim Yo-Jong, is now in power.

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