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Monday, April 13, 2020

Not a single positive case of Corona has come in the state in the last 100 hours - CM Trivendra

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Relief is reported for Uttarakhand amid the corona virus crisis. CM Trivendra Singh Rawat stated that no new infected case of corona has been reported within the remaining 100 hours. Seven people have recovered and gone to their home. Reports of two to three infectives are also expected to be negative soon. The number of corona virus infected in the state is 35. It has been observed that many times the symptoms are not appearing in the patient. At the same time, many patients are experiencing symptoms in more than 10 days. There is a great need to be cautious in this situation.

There is an appeal to the public to cover their face, nose and mouth only when they come out. Wash the home made mask in hot water and use. It is necessary at this time to keep the situation under control in some way. For this, whatever strict steps the government has to take will be taken. The government is repeatedly appealing to the people to cooperate with the police administration. The religious leaders are also being appealed to come forward and make people aware.

Order to impose curfew in Banbhulpura

He said that the kind of incident happened in Banbhulpura yesterday. Thousands of people came on the road, it should not have happened. The result is that we have to impose curfew there.
The Chief Minister has given its orders to the Chief Secretary and Secretary Home on Monday. Let me let you know that there has been a ruckus within the Corona hotspot Banbhulpura vicinity in Haldwani, Uttarakhand on Sunday afternoon. During this time people adverse the Health Department team which went to investigate Corona.

Hundreds of people came out on the street when the group stated to investigate some humans inside the vicinity and quarantine them. The police administration also became vigilant and police forces were deployed at some point of the area.

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