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First Batch Of Returnees To Odisha Create Panic In The State

First Batch Of Returnees To Odisha Create Panic In The State
First Batch Of Returnees To Odisha Create Panic In The State

Odisha government is working day & night to rescue it's people stranded outside the state and now just check their behavior towards the staffs who are risking their life to keep them at quarantine. Their demands are endless and they also need kind of 5 star foods when nearly 30 percent of our population is not even getting meals three times a day. They demand to be set free or given better food. The staffs requested them to adjust for today but they were not ready to understand instead they abused them. This is really a very bad sign.

These people are so illiterate that they think they are doing some favour on the government by staying in quarantine, what they do not think of is it's just for the betterment of their family members, friends and neighbours who are at immediate risk of infection from them.
Let us go by the famous quote "morning shows the day", these were merely the first batch of people who have come to Odisha from other states nearly 400-500 in numbers. The state government has planned to bring back 4-5 lakh starnded workers residing in other states. Now it will be really tough to handle if they have such ill mentality.

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Everyone irrespective of rich or poor are facing the tough situations in the lockdown period and they have compromised at some situation or other. None is leading a normal life in this lockdown but some people don't understand these things at all. There should be some serious discussion on this and some strict measures should be taken which needs to be followed. They don't have the rights to misbehave with the staffs. There are certain news of 160+ people escaping from the quarantine centre recently in Ganjam district of Odisha. While there will be more instances of people escaping the quarantine place in near future when there will be a high number of returnees putting the life of general public in danger.

Staffs who are working for the welfare of these people by risking their life also needs to be protected from these kind of activities by the returnees. The government needs to set some protocols and rules for these people. Each one of them needs to cooperate and understand the urge of the situation to fight with this pandemic. We cannot win this battle all alone. The world needs to stand together to fight back.

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