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Important Meeting Of Prime Minister Narendra Modi With Finance Minister: Second Financial Package May Be Announced Soon

Important Meeting Of Prime Minister Narendra Modi With Finance Minister: Second Financial Package May Be Announced Soon
Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday held talks with key ministers, including Indian Home Minister Amit Shah and Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman. The meeting also discussed the prevention of coronavirus pandemics and other financial packages for areas affected by Lockdown, and officials from the Ministry of Finance were also present at the meeting.

What will happen in the second financial package

1. The government could spend a maximum of Rs 4.5 lakh crore to get rid of the coronavirus.

2. This is because the government fears that its overall rating will be reduced to more than one limit.

3. This will have an impact on the country's economy. " "From the very beginning, we have already given the same package of 0.8 per cent of GDP," said a Finance Ministry official. We have a range of 1.5% -2% of GDP for the same package.

It could be a big announcement for those who are job holders

1. The next financial package is likely to provide relief to the country's poor and unemployed.

2. Small and large companies will also be reassured through tax exemptions and other measures. The two senior officials continued to provide the information on condition of anonymity.

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A big announcement could also be made for these areas

1. Earlier, the Prime Minister held three separate meetings on the issue on Thursday. The first meeting was held on foreign investment and industrial development. Discussions focused on providing better facilities to foreign and domestic investors. Emphasis was placed on plug-and-play models

2. The meeting also considered a special plan to increase industrial investment. The Prime Minister said the necessary approvals should be received within the time limit. The meeting was attended by the Minister of Finance and the Minister of Industry.

3. The main topic of the second meeting was the development of the coal and mining sectors. There was a strategy to increase investment in coal and mines. "Domestic coals have to be used instead of importing them," he said. It was decided at the meeting that the auction of the additional block would be held soon.

4. The auction process will be more attractive and transparent. The Prime Minister stressed the need to make the country self-sufficient in the mining sector. "Work in the mining sector have to be executed worldwide," he said. The Prime Minister also called for a plan of action.

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