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Revolt Against Xi Jinping: Coronavirus Outbreak

Revolt Against Xi Jinping: Coronavirus Outbreak

That is how the world looks right now; According to an estimate more than three billion people in the world have an order to stay at home. Three billion that's more than 43% of the global population and almost one in two people are under lockdown. So we've repeatedly blamed China for this pandemic. The fact that China tried to cover up the outbreak is now a matter of public record. China is hard at work to erase all traces of culpability. China must be called out for its criminal negligence now. 

Let us clear we are not in any way blaming the citizens of China. Our sincere sympathies are with them as they have paid a heavy price for the lapses of the Communist Party. There are many in China who agree with this even a faction within the Communist Party. You read that right critics in China's ruling party which you can say is China's only party. The Communist Party are questioning the president and anti Xi Jingping block has surfaced these leaders. They are unhappy with the president's response so much that they were ready to revolt on a screen.

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Now a message from the popular Chinese messaging platform 'WeChat' has been floating around for a while now on the Internet in China. This is an open letter it calls for an extraordinary meeting of the Politbureau to assess Xi Jinping's performance. The Politbureau is a group of 25 individuals and they are the top brass who run the Communist Party. 25 people against the Chinese President wants to reflect on what they call “she's wrong” and evaluate whether Xi Jinping should stay on as a supreme leader of China or not. In the Chinese context such an expression of dissent is very significant it does mean then that the president's leadership will be challenged.

Will the Communist Party or Can the Communist Party force Xi Jinping to step aside or maybe not. Xi Jinping is the president of China and the chairman of all things that's why the Chinese say he has sweeping parts as he serves as the chief of the Communist Party. He's the commander of the PLA. The Chinese army or the People's Liberation Army (PLA) controls all the levers of power. He enjoys wide support among the political elite and he has systematically purged potential challengers over many years. In short he is very powerful but messages like these like the letter that you just saw at a time do make a statement.

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It's not just the world that is angry with the Chinese president even members of his own party are unhappy with him. Xi Jingping is called the most powerful leader of China since Mao Zedong, but a backlash is definitely brewing as we have reported before China’s pushing propaganda to keep its image intact at home. Earlier this month Wuhan stock party official came up with a plan to please his political masters. He wanted to launch what he called a gratitude education program. Gratitude education program is an attempt to force citizens to thank Xi Jinping and the Communist Party, thank them for their efforts to fight the corona virus.

Believe it or not this official had given a quart to a local newspaper “we must through various channels carry out gratitude education among the citizens of the whole city as well as cadres so that they thank general secretary. Xi Jinping thanked the communist party as they listened to the party's words, followed the party's way and create strong positive energy. This is unbelievable that when the crisis broke the Communist Party looked the other way. When whistleblowers spoke in China, they were punished.

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Beijing acted too late, the outbreak in Wuhan has then spreaded around the world but in China party officials wanted a victory lap. No wonder the people were angry, they slammed the idea of gratitude education and reports say that a journalist asked the local Communist Party official to quote/unquote. He himself faced with a blow back.

Chinese officials did what they do best to cover up the comments and were scrubbed off the internet, the idea of gratitude education was dropped. The statement was removed from the we chat account of Wuhan City but the exercise unleashed the pent-up anger. And now some within the Communist Party may be ready to hold Xi Jingping accountable.

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