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Ganguly Uncovers Tendulkar's Secret, Reveals Master Blaster's Biggest Weakness

Former Team India captain Sourav Ganguly and Sachin Tendulkar have scored a number of runs in international cricket matches as the opening pair. Sourav Ganguly made a big revelation in remembrance of his old days of playing with the great SachinTendulkar. Ganguly has revealed Tendulkar's biggest secret. He has now revealed what Sachin Tendulkar has a weakness for.

“Tendulkar didn’t always want to face the first ball of the innings,” Ganguly said. That's why he sent me and stood around me as a non-strike. Tendulkar and Ganguly have scored 6609 runs in 136 innings in 50 overs from 1996 to 2007. It has 21 centuries and 23 fifties partnerships which tells their successful story as the worlds best batting opening pair.

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When Ganguly was asked in an interview with Mayank Agrawal, did Tendulkar tell you to play the first ball of the Sachin innings when you started the ODI innings? "He always said that," Ganguly replied. He (Sachin) had no answer. I used to tell him to sometimes face the first ball. Always asking me to face the first ball. So he had no answer to my question. "I have a feeling that I'm fit as a fiddle so I should be at the non-strikers end," Sachin said.

"Now when the form was bad, Sachin would have had different answer," Ganguly said. I need to be on non-strikers end, so I have less stress on my sub, and he had only one answer for good or bad form whatever it may be. Ganguly once forced Tendulkar to play the first ball. Going forward, he stood at the site of the non-strike crease. It was at this point that Tendulkar was ready to face the first ball . So Tendulkar has only played the first ball of the innings once or twice while opening the innings with Ganguly.

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