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History Says The Coronavirus Vaccine Will Take Years

History Says The Coronavirus Vaccine Will Take Years
The coronavirus (COVID-19) is on the rise in the world. Scientists from some countries have stepped up their efforts to address the issue. Companies such as Oxford University in the UK, Modern America in the United States, and Sinovak Biotech in China are at the forefront of the race. They have had positive results from possible human coronavirus tests. It is expected that the coronavirus vaccine will soon be available to the world.

Given the reality of the vaccine, on the other hand, it is difficult to imagine that the vaccine will be released so soon that people will get rid of it. This is because of the fact that vaccines have not been available so quickly or so easily. Some vaccines took a maximum of 118 years and some others a minimum of 9 years. So for a deadly pandemic like Corona seems impossible to get a vaccine in just a year or two. Yet human beings are forced to have positive expectations in view of the demands of scientists.

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"Mycobacterium Tuberculosis" appeared in 1882. Scientists have been trying hard to get a vaccine for this. They were finally vaccinated in 1921. It took about 39 years. Many people had already died by then. The virus, called Hemophilus Influenza B, was later identified in 1892. But 93 years later, in 1985, the vaccine came out. The malaria parasite was spotted in the year 1897 and was vaccinated in 2015. But it was not widely used. It took 118 years to get the vaccine. Bile fever was diagnosed in the 1900 and it took 35 years to get the vaccine.

Polio, on the other hand, was found in 1908. The vaccine was released 45 years later, in 1953. But later it became inactive. The oral vaccine was introduced in 1956. The herpes simplex virus (HHSV-1) was diagnosed in 1919, but has not yet been vaccinated. Yet scientists continue to work on this. The dengue virus was identified in 1943. The vaccine was released in 2015, 72 years later. Measles was diagnosed in 1954. However, the vaccine came in 1963, after 9 years.

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Hepatitis B was diagnosed in 1965 and vaccinated in 1981 (16 years). The Ebola virus, which was detected in 1976, was vaccinated against the virus in 2019 (43 years), while the hepatitis 4A, which was detected in 1973, was vaccinated in 1995 (22 years). The SARS virus was detected in 2002. But the vaccine was not forthcoming. The virus disappeared. The measles virus was identified in 2012. 8 years later, the vaccine has not been released. Finally, the vaccine has not yet been released for SARS COV-2 or COVID-19, which is currently causing worldwide death toll.

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