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Rakesh Jhunjhunwala favorite Stock TITAN 90% form march lows; will it be Bullish in 2021 ?


TITAN Company limited share price has nearly double structure its walk .Currently exchanging at Rs-1489 Per Share . the stock has zoomed from as low as Rs - 720 a piece in walk this year. TITAN managing director CK Venkataraman in a new conversation with business.


TITAN is regularly promoted as the large bull Rakesh Jhunjhunwala the enormous bull own over 4.9 crores value portion of the firm meaning a 5.5% stake in the Tata gathering of firm. Despite the fact that the extremely rich person speculator has cut his stake in the firm this year, his actually has figure out how to make a benefit of approxmately Rs-605 crores from TITAN in 2010. 

Annlysts bullish 

TITAN medium to long haul acquiring development openings best of breed, reflect in the 24% EPS CAGR in the course of recent years the financier ranch said. It accepted that the homestead has a solid runway for development given its piece of the overall industry of under 10%.



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