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BHUBANESWAR: The 34-years of age UK returnee man has been tried positive for Coronavirus and hospitalized in the state capital on wednesday. 

Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) official P C Chaudhury stated, the man got back to the state on December 18 among worries over the discovery of a changed and more irresistible strain of COVID-19 in the European nation. 

P C Chaudhury stated, the BMC has finished contact-following and all his relatives will likewise go through COVID-19 tests. 

The man tried positive in a private research center. He was moved to an administration supported COVID medical clinic, a BMC correspondence stated, adding that he has mellow influenza like indications. 

The position expressed, authenticating test on Spike Genome Sequencing is being driven through RMRC (Regional Medical Research Center of IMRC), Bhubaneswar to gain proficiency with the COVID-19 strain. He said that there is nothing to furor, and it is just a reasonable advance in view of ID of the changed strain of the disease in the UK. 

Air terminal chief Goutam Ray told PTI, the specialists of BIJU PATNAIK INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT (BPIAP) have requested that all carrier administrators share insights concerning travelers, who have as of late got back from far off nations. Travelers with venture out history to UK should go through screening at an uncommon stall set up by the BMC at the air terminal. Goutam Ray said that, we have made the RT-PCR COVID-19 test required for travelers of 55 years or more with simultaneous. 

The middle said on Monday that all UK India flights will be suspended from December 23 to December 31.

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